The journey of self discovery requires you to engage your mind, nurture your body and explore your soul. This is a personal journey of discovery that will awaken you to profound insights, evoke your inner healer and enable you to uncover a rich resource available to you. All you need are the tools to access this rich resource. And the most effective way to do this is with the guidance of a trained practitioner.


    Sandy Lee offers you this guidance by utilising a range of proven modalities such as

    Naturopathy, Counselling, Coaching and Energetic Healing.


    Each consultation is personalised, which means that there is specific focus on the needs of your

    mind, body and soul.



    Incorporating Bush Flower Essences

    By combining Intuitive Counselling and Bush Flower Essences you will receive the guidance and emotional support needed to explore past and present circumstances. From this you will gain insight and understanding which leads to feelings of liberation from being released from past burdens and freedom from present limitations.

    You will also discover tools and techniques that will expand your awareness and facilitate increased feelings of enthusiasm and joy.

    • Emotional Support
    • Freedom from past burden
    • Liberation from perceived limitations
    • Increased feelings of enthusiasm and joy
    • Provides direction, understanding and clarity
    Email souldriven2@gmail.com
    or Message 0447 711 507


    Naturopathy enables your innate ability to heal yourself. Every symptom has a story and by allowing that story to be told you release the emotional undercurrent and thus the associated symptoms. This requires you to engage your mind, nurture your body and explore your soul. Your Naturopathy consultation will provide the information needed to create a personalised plan that will be carefully crafted to meet your individual needs. Giving you:

    • General sense of wellbeing 
    • Elevated sense of self
    • Improved Health and More Energy
    • Relief from discomfort
    Email souldriven2@gmail.com
    or Message 0447 711 507

  • Felt amazingly connected to what Sandy was saying and what she said is very spiritual.

    After taking the essences for one day I felt different. Other people noticed a change in me.

    It was like second nature to grab the bottle of drops and take them each morning.

    I had no expectation, but wanted to be more connected to things happening in my life. The consultation made it all come together.

    I always thought I was an old soul and the reading confirmed so many things. Including my ancestral linage. I felt so much stronger within.

    Gave solid answers that I was looking for in reference to life.

    100% recommend.

    Have told many to go to Sandy for guidance for when at a cross roads or any area of their lives. I felt and instant connection with Sandy, everything she says comes from the soul.


    P.S. My intuition has tripled with the second reading and I felt great connection. Like the essences have super powers.

    As this was my first experience I wasn't sure what to expect and I received more than I could have imagined. Within two days there was a difference. There were shifts in many areas of my life. Also I had elevated energy. I felt energised and lighter. I became more focused and ambitious.


    I was struggling feeling lost and dejected. The reading gave me hope. It put things in perspective and I walked out feeling like a new person. I saw that I was dragging myself down. The essences helped me feel calmer and gave me clarity when before there was confusion.

    Name withheld

    My relationship status was non-existent. I felt alone and falling into depression. I didn't think a reading could do anything to change things. I mean how could it? But on the insistence of a friend I went and it was like I was liberated. It wasn't until afterwards that I realised how heavy and burdened I felt.

    Name withheld


    I really enjoyed the reading with Sandy. She let me work with the essence cards and first we did a meditation. She asked what I felt in my body. From the start I felt relaxed and comfortable. One card was in reference to a vivid dream I had the night before, I couldn't believe it. We discussed things that had been bothering me and I felt the weight of it lift off. I would most definitely go again. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got lots out of it. Thank you.


    Thank you for the wonderful readings and healing you have done for me. I have been to many people in recent years, but found your energy very positive and helpful to me. You are extremely accurate and detailed and helped me clarify some major life issues that have confronted me in recent months. I wish I could replicate the feeling I had after your Reiki sessions too, I swear I weighed no more than a feather afterwards!

    The energy that flows throughout your sessions are extremely peaceful and harmonic, I have never felt so relaxed and comfortable in a room in my entire life. Looking forward to seeing you again soon =)


    My session with Sandy was a great experience. It made me feel refreshed and really grounded and gave me new direction. She introduced me to meditation, which really helped me to focus on my positive energy.



    Sandy creates a space of peace and comfort. This space feels like being held, which allowed me to open up to really be who I really am. I could be more true to myself. I found that what I was feeling in the sessions was coming out into my everyday life. Which enabled me to honour my feelings and my desire to come from a place of love. I am becoming the person I really want to be, and am more connected to myself. The sessions gave me feelings of inner peace and I was able to see the bigger spiritual picture of life and everything in it. S.T.





    Release negative beliefs

    Increase prosperity

    Attract abundance in all areas of your life



    Know your true desires

    Attract your soul mate

    Manifest your dreams



    Key to your success

    Unlimited self belief

    Attract what you desire






  • Message or call 044 77 11 507

    With An Abundance of Blessings, Sandy xoxo


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  • AboutSandy Lee

    Sandy is a Counsellor and holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and also holds qualifications Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. She has been practising for a number of years, has facilitated women's circles and written several books. Sandy believes that everybody carries a seed of potential and has dedicated her life to researching and exploring a wide range of modalities with the aim of learning all she can to assist others in uncovering that seed and becoming all they can be. Having recently completed additional study in Holistic Health and Wellness and will soon be offering this as a complete program. She also sources quality products and resources that aid the crafting of a purpose-filled, Soul Driven life. It is with heart felt sincerity that she offers everyone she meets an abundance of blessings for their journey.

  • SPIRITUAL QUEST...The Journey of Self Discovery


    Life is a Spiritual Quest. It is the journey of discovery. Each stage of development brings with it new realisations about Self and the world. As awareness expands so do perceptions and understanding. This is a lifelong process, we are always learning and expanding. Clarity in one area may bring forth new challenges to explore. With each new realisation we uncover and reveal different dimensions of our own existence . The old is replaced by new. Forever expanding...forever discovering.


    Spiritual Quest contains reflections, tools and techniques to assist your journey. This is a guide to life, through which you can navigate your path to align with your Highest good and potential.


    By choosing this book you have chosen to take the reins of your destiny, where you will orientate towards your purpose and evolve into all you can be.


  • What a Soul Driven Life Looks Like

    Meditation of Abundance Soul Driven Life


    Capturing the essence of your desires and manifesting them into reality begins by discovering your potential and in doing so becoming an abundance attracting magnet.

    Empowerment Meditation Soul Driven Life


    Release resistance and free yourself to becoming the empowered person you are destined to be. Within that lies the key to living life to its fullest.


    Love Meditation Soul Driven Life


    The secret of love lays within, tapping into this natural, divine essence allows it to radiate outwards and attract like beauty.

    Expression Meditation Soul Driven Life


    Honest, open expression deepens your relationship with yourself and with others. Be authentic and true to yourself you have found an extraordinary way of being.

    Intuition Meditation Soul Driven Life


    Your intuition is a magnificent source of reliable and trustworthy guidance. Learn to tune in and follow it with utmost faith.

    Inspiration Meditation Soul Driven Life


    Inspiration is a soul generated feeling that enables you to tap into your creativity and thus giving you access to greater opportunities and possibilities.

    Enlightenment Meditation Soul Driven Life


    Enlightenment is a gradual process of achieving heightened awareness, inner stillness and life balance. Achieving such is the amalgamation of the mind, the body and the soul.

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