Belief has the capacity to motivate people to do extraordinary things.

Self-belief contributes enormous power and influence to every aspect of life. You are the one who holds the key to your destiny. Through higher aspects of self you connect with intuition guidance. Here lies the untainted seed of self-belief. Those which do not contain preconceived ideas about self.

Our intuitive self holds the truth of who we are and knows we are much more than the underdeveloped parts of the mind can conceive. When we introduce the intellect into the equation we orchestrate a powerful force. Intellect and intuition are phenomenal companions, with the capacity to make anything possible. Believing in oneself ignites the flame of our potential. Believe you can and you will.

The same is true when there is a lack of self-belief as the “I can’t” mantra douses creative ability and defuses the energy to fulfil aspirations.

Doubt is a response to things that we are uncertain of, that confront our ability to do something or challenge us to step into unknown territory. Succumbing to doubt is to allow doubtful inner-dialogue to go on unchallenged. This reinforces a low opinion of self which effects emotional well-being, actions, behaviour and causes self-esteem to plummet, resulting in feelings of being inept, worthless, unlovable or whatever else we can drag ourselves down with.

This is a form of self abuse and requires urgent attention to encourage and nurture the esteem into a state of health. First is to contemplate self defeating beliefs and reflect on the impact these beliefs have on thoughts and feelings. A process that begins by identifying the aspects that are dousing self-belief. Often these aspects are holding on to outdated beliefs that are not even factual but a perception formed at a time when feeling insecure, lonely, conflicted, lost, isolated, rejected and the list goes on.

If not expressed these emotions get stuck and repeat, through inner self talk and negative mantras. The cycle of belief reinforcement continues: belief stimulates emotion, emotion stimulates thought and thought reinforces belief.

Thoughts, emotions and beliefs are intricately connected. Actions and behaviour reflect whether this cycle is pivoting on a positive or negative axis. Negative behaviour will be accepted as normal until awareness dawns and associated repercussions of the behaviour are recognized as being less than satisfactory. It then becomes apparent that change is needed. This insight provides the awareness needed to exchange dis-empowering beliefs for ones that empower and build self-esteem. To enact such requires the conscious decision to take action and make a firm pledge to weather the storms and accept the challenges encountered along the rambling path of self-discovery. Ensure to travel with patience and determination as they will make the most reliable and worthwhile companions.

Being aligned with the values of kindness, empathy, gratitude and honesty is to be aligned with the good of all. Anything opposing this serves only to cause internal and external conflict and disharmony. The need to compare, judge and criticise comes from dis-empowered aspects of self. These aspects are shadowed by their own insecurities, which are then projected onto others without thought or feeling about what it might be like to live the life of that person. The saying “When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.” is potent, particularly from an energetic perspective, as the negativity generated by this reinforces self-doubt. The flip side of this is to choose to see positive aspects in others. This facilitates self-belief especially when we contemplate the ‘little known truth’ that what we see in others exists within ourselves.

Often times we measure ourselves against others, this is destined to cripple even the most robust esteem. Instead find satisfaction in your own achievements because no matter how big or small, the person who needs to recognise them is YOU!! This is the foundation self-belief is built upon.

Exchange Self-doubt for self-belief

Be aware of the presence of doubt and how limiting it is. Transform doubt and limitation into certainty and conviction. This is done by constructing thoughts so they facilitate self-belief. Remain aware of how inner-dialogue is making you feel. If it is dampening your spirits shift it immediately. This can be done by flicking the switch into affirmation mode or envisioning a positive image in your mind. Continue to redirect thoughts until they follow the direction you want to go. There may be times when you stumble. Keep going and allow the emerging power of self-belief pick you up and carry you further than you thought possible. Stand tall within yourself and remember that if you believe you can, then without doubt you will.

See yourself illuminated in light and say “I believe in me” and persist through thoughts that may try to oppose this mantra. There may be tears as anything blocking you surfaces. The reassurance of the mantra will help them shift perspective. Keep going for a full ten minutes and keep the mantra going in your mind for a day. If negativity or detrimental inner-dialogue arises repeat the mantra “ I believe in me”.

Crossing the bridge to self belief is liberating. New confidence will emerge and give you the courage to follow your dreams, your passions and to take on things you may have wanted to do, but thought you would not be able to. “I believe in me”.

Keep this at the forefront of your mind. The power of this belief empowers you to be the person capable of achieving anything you deem possible and as anything is possible this offers enormous scope.

Read, write, listen to, watch and research material that develops self-awareness. Exchanging old beliefs for new and enhancing what is already known will see the emergence of a renewed sense of self. A self that will strive and achieve the excellence you deserve.

  • Believe in yourself as you are the one who holds the key to your destiny.

  • Disengage from imposed beliefs.

  • Move beyond obstacles that distort your self-belief, as they serve only to sabotage.

  • Believing in yourself holds enormous power and influence.

  • Instilling conviction into self-belief is symbolic of spreading your wings to fly.

  • Reach through the compromising layers of the intellect and assume the position of empowerment.

  • Igniting the potential of belief in self will set you free to soar to heights of great magnitude.

  • Whatever you believe about yourself will be accepted as true.

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