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Intuition is a gift of phenomenal insight and wisdom

Your intuition was gifted upon you when you descended upon this Earth

Understanding life’s lessons and deriving purpose is gained by activating intuitive awareness. Your intuition will help interpret the signs, messages and symbolic representations. Your intuition feeds back what it senses through inner-knowing. When you know something without doubt, that is your intuition. Those ‘light-bulb’ moments is your intuition communicating with you. It comes quickly like a flash and is doused by analytical assessment. Be careful not to override your own intuitive insight with what is said by others. If you have an inner knowing about something trust that before all else.

While intellectual analysis of intuitive insight causes you to second guess your intuition. The intellect does make a good companion to your intuitive guidance. This is because when intuition and intellect connect there is a spark that creates the essence of wisdom. Consolidation of this partnership sees the emergence of untapped potential. Placing faith in intuitive innervation sends a message of trust and trusting your intuition will reward you greatly.

Intuition is a profound tool that guides so subtly that it often goes undetected. Intuition is to sense and know without explanation. It is the visions, inner stirrings, feelings or subtle guidance that occurs before rationalisation. Sometimes it is felt as a stirring in the solar plexus area that is accompanied by a feeling of inner knowing. This may be referred to as gut instinct.

Intuitive guidance can be received through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic mediums. These mediums may present independently or as companions, such as visual images accompanied by a feeling or auditory communication that comes with the formation of a concept that seems to come from a higher source of knowing.

Attune to how your intuition communicates with you. If your intuition communicates via kinaesthetic channels then messages will be received through your feelings. If visual then your intuition will communicate via images. If auditory then communication will be via words that form into concepts. Although intuition communicates through every channel, you will most likely more attuned to one than the others. The one you are more attuned to is your primary source of intuitive communication. Notice messages, signs and clues that clarify your hunches. They are the most reliable source of guidance.


  • Intuition pops up.

  • Intuition knows, without doubt.

  • Intuition is strengthened through faith.

  • Intuition comes in snippets, and flashes of insight.

  • Intuition is communicated through messages, signs and symbols that resonates within.

  • Intuition can be presented as symbolic messages seen within the mind’s eye or externally as a physical icon.

Be present! Be aware! Tune in and trust.

Watch Sonia Choquette's video about Intuition

Sonia has a gorgeous, bubbly personality. She has been teaching people about tuning into their intuition her whole life. She is natural and engaging. The video below has been produced by Sonia.

For more of Sonia's inspiring and insightful teaching check out her website:

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