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Why Inspiration is Important

Allow new ideas to emerge and manifest

through your creative spirit.

Being inspired by your own inner guidance captures the energy that brings into focus your unique talents and gifts that, when utilized, align perfectly with your hopes and dreams.

Inspiration yields phenomenal power. It triggers the motivation needed to drive your dreams into reality. Although powerful, inspiration is also vulnerable and likely to dissolve if exposed to doubt. Hence the need to nurture inspiration. This is done by being around inspiring people, going to places that provide inspiration and having a positive approach. And attending to thoughts and feelings that cast shadows over attempts to be optimistic.

When the seed of inspiration is nurtured natural creative talent emerges. Tapping into your creative centre gives access to greater opportunities and possibilities. Every aspect of your life reflects your creativity. If what you see does not appeal then it is time to get creative.

Recognizing that you are the creator of your reality and taking a constructive look at what needs attention sees new and different perspectives emerge. Through new found perspective there is space to re-evaluate where you are, where you would like to do and what can be done to align the two. This evaluation in itself fuels the energy of inspiration.

Part of this evaluation is to keep what is working and release what is not. Holding onto outdated ideas and wishes or refusing to see the reality of a situation suffocates inspiration. You have arrived where you are based on the interaction you have had with life this far. But this does not mean you have to continue on the same path unless you choose to and if you feel that you are treading down a path that is not delivering what you want, then it is time to shift direction.

Becoming aware of the need to shift is inspired by your spirit that wants to break free and start living the life you were born to live. A fleeting moment of inspiration can be enough to initiate the energy needed to shake things up, get out of a rut or to realise that life can be as dynamic as you make it.


Breathe in the essence of Inspiration

Take a moment to breathe in and as you do feel your body, really feel your body. Acknowledge the capacity of your body to do all it does without you needing to think about it. That is miraculous.

Inhale again and recognize that you have a mind that has ability beyond current comprehension. A mind that thirsts to be motivated and thrives when inspired. When inspired the mind is gets creative and you fell motivated to do the things that turn dreams into reality. See it, feel it, have it.

Listen to the whispers of your inspiration. What do you hear? What do you see? Set the intention of being aware of things that inspire you. This may be found through pictures, people, places, magazines, photos, quotes, messages, scenery etc. Find something that inspires you and view it on a daily basis. Attune to feelings of inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Notice when you feel inspiration stirring. What does it relate to? Where did it come from? How does it make you feel? Are you inspired by an idea right now?

Douse the voice of doubt and dissolve negativity

with reassurance that what you desire is achievable.

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