Enlightenment is the evolution of the soul through human experience. It is accepting that trials and tribulations are part of life and knowing that their presentation serves a purpose. All that life presents has choice attached. Living through higher purpose is to decide whether we get bogged down by the details of a problem or situation or surrender worries to higher aspects of self.

Surrendering cares to the higher self gives access to broader perspectives and understanding of life’s events and experiences. This helps us to harness greater awareness of what happens and why. Energy expands as awareness grows, which is in contrast to the energy that is drained by the trivial details. When perception widens bigger picture perspectives are gained. This brings focus into areas of significance, which includes life goals, aspirations and life purpose. Maintaining a clear view of aspirations and goals is to listen to the voice of wisdom and clear away clouds of doubt. The evolution of our spiritual selves is to approach each day with a warm heart, an open mind and positive attitude.


Enlightenment is a gradual process of achieving heightened awareness, inner stillness and life balance. Achieving such is the amalgamation of the mind, the body and the soul. This may seem like a challenging feat, especially when just to keep pace with the daily influx of internal and external stimuli can be challenging. There seems to be more that pulls us away from the enlightened path than encourages sure steps upon it. The construction of high rise offices and shopping complexes are favoured over the building of ashrams where people can take time for meditation and quiet reflection. Businesses are more focused on the bottom line than on employee well-being. The home is full of devices that make noise that distract with incoming data and information that bombards the senses. But all those things, while distracting, contribute to our growth. Challenges push us towards the pinnacle point that leads to breakthrough. If we didn’t reach this threshold we would remain in a comfort zone as unaware beings hiding under a rock of superficial existence. When we experience discomfort we are being challenged to wake up and do something. That is enlightening. Although we may fall back to sleep, our slumber will be shorter and our awakened state more potent each time.

Another important aspect to reflect upon in the uncovering of the enlightened self is choice. Choice is the most powerful we have each moment of each day. Choice is aligned in one of two ways. One is to align with the ego and the other is to align with souls. Soul aligned choices have significance, meaning and purpose. There choices move towards the enlightened state of being. For example we can choose to be problem or solution focused. By choosing to be problem focused we emphasis and retain the problem.

In contract to this, by choosing to be solution focused we evoke higher thought and guidance which helps navigate the problem or dissolve it altogether. Other examples of choice exchange include choosing to construct new behaviours that produce desired outcomes in favour of retaining old habits that reinforce undesirable bahviour.

Choosing to construct positive thought that encourages and motivate in exchange of tuning into self defeating inner dialogue promote positive self-belief in favour of retaining outdated, non-serving beliefs. Choosing to be open to discovery and being prepared to make life enhancing changes if to walk the enlightened path where we find ourselves awestruck by what was previously taken for granted, accepted as part of life or as not being anything of significance.

This is to be aware of the intent behind the choice, why the choice is being made and to explore possible outcomes. Being mindful will highlight factor influencing choice and facilitate awareness of associated thoughts and feelings. Taking this into consideration and then projecting the possible outcomes of the choice helps broaden the view.

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