Why Empowerment Is Important?

Self- empowerment is to know the intimate details of your inner self. Your inner self is composed of various aspects and although they are part of the whole of your being, they are unique in their interpretations, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Your beliefs are formed in various ways based upon your interpretation of your experiences and also from what has been impressed upon you during the early years of your development. Beliefs are reinforced through internal dialogue and the perceptions that emerge from what you tell yourself. Your perceptions will create your reality. Your external environment is a reflection of your internal environment. Anything can appear to be true. Even what it bogus can appear be real to us if we believe it to be. The monster under the bed, even though bogus, is real for a child. Although rational thought eventually dispels the monster the predisposition to make our beliefs real continues. Beliefs in scarcity, in separation, in failure, in hierarchy are all examples of false belief. Religion is an example of beliefs built on the unknown. These beliefs dictate how we ‘should’ think, feel and act, even if it means judging, shunning and harming our own brothers and sisters.

This places free will, which is the ability to think, feel, explore and discover for ourselves in the confines of domination. Beliefs have significant impact on our lives, in fact I would venture to say they rule our lives. But are they true? Ask yourself, how do you know what you believe is true? Are you prepared to challenge your beliefs? If you take this challenge be prepared for your world to shake for the veil to fall as you are faced with questions such as who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing with my life? There are some big questions there and when you can answer them honestly for yourself you will awaken to a different reality to the one you were sleeping in.

Beliefs are powerful and if geared negatively towards self are extremely detrimental. Negative beliefs about yourself is dis-empowering and dis-empowered aspects impact the whole. This happens through thoughts, emotions and beliefs, which are intricately interconnected.

Beliefs are powerful and if geared negatively towards self are extremely detrimental. Negative belief about self is dis-empowering. Dis-empowered aspects impact the whole. This happens through thoughts, emotions and beliefs, which are intricately interconnected.

If negative thoughts are let go unchecked they become the predominated way of thinking and feeling. From this emerges negative behaviour. Negative behaviour is anything that prevents you from living a fulfilled life, it is what prevents you from getting the most out of life. Behaviours are actions and we have those that assist and support and those that oppose us.

An example you are wanting to be financially independent, which means you might need to skill up to do what you want to do, that might mean taking a course. At first you might feel positive about this and then the belief about self come creeping in. And the inner banter tells you that you were never good at school, that you don't have the time, you have too many commitments, you don't know the market and there are people with heaps more experience already doing it. Your feelings follow you down this path and your empowered free spirited self that already had the course under your belt and was out there doing what you wanted to do. Beliefs that you just talked yourself into and now your behaviour will continue doing what you have been doing, at night when you could snatch a couple of study hours you snatch the TV remote, jump on social media or whatever other distraction that reinforces the belief that you don't have time and in one year, two years time when you could have done that course and ready to embark on a new adventure your are still doing what you are doing now. Working for the same company, doing the same things. The desire to be financially independent will still be there, but now you will also have a feeling of regret as all those years have passed and you should have done it then. Well I am saying to feed your desire,listen to you empowered self, even if it is a feint whisper at first. That empowered self is your soul, gently calling you to step up.

The 3 C's of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change. I'd like to add another C to this and that is Challenge because unless you challenge what you believe about yourself then the other three may not quite make it off the ground.

A little more on behaviour that has aligned with thoughts and emotions that are spiralling in an unfavourable direction. When thoughts and feelings cast a shadow they adversely affect well-being and sabotage happiness. The effect is further dis-empowerment presenting in numerous ways such behaviour that is self-defeating, self sacrificing, uninspired, guilt ridden, angry, despondent, dissociation, the list is long. Catching yourselves before you are pulled into a downwards spiral is empowering and unties the intertwined thoughts/emotions/reactions cascade from occurring. This is to be emotionally aware. And as Susan Jeffers book says "Feel the Fear, and Do It Anyway." I cannot tell you how many times I use this to push myself as I tremble in thoughts and feelings telling me I can't do something. Actually you are reading this because I used that mantra.

Link for Susan's book is below is will one of the best $4 investments you will ever make.

Emotional awareness develops through increased awareness of what is happening and how you are reacting or responding to what is happening. And applying tools and techniques that facilitate communication whereby emotions are expressed in a way that acknowledges what is being felt and enables positive outlet.

Being emotionally aware is to develop the capacity to be objective about what is being experienced subjectively. As it happens life provides many opportunities in which we can practice and develop emotional awareness skills.

Life exposes us to a variety of situations that enable exploration of our external and internal worlds. Some experiences will evoke pleasant emotions and some will evoke unpleasant emotions. Pleasant emotions are desired and can be dynamic motivators. The desire for pleasure lies at the core of most of our endeavours. And the need to avoid pain lies at the core of our disappointments and perceived failures. The need to avoid pain is a greater motivator as it is how we can stay safe and avoid the things that threaten our safety. When we stand out our safety is threatened as we might be shunned by those we rely on for survival. The ones that have created a comfort zone for us to live in. The ones that tells us who we are and so long as we abide by the beliefs and conform to the rules and don't threaten the status quo we are safe. Floating around the top of the list to avoid is criticism. This is one of the first introductions we get to what happens when we challenge the status quo and it happens early in childhood and when it does a part of our natural expression is locked away and this is part of being what others expect of us instead of who we really are. It also contributes to the building of the comfort zone. And the aversion to the pain of criticism is what sees us bunker in our comfort zone as to venture out could potentially led to the being rejected altogether and then we would be out in the cold, which is a threat to our survival. Therefore anything that could led to this is avoided. This is not a conscious rational consideration, this is a subconscious belief.   

Let's explore how what is stored in your subconscious impacts you and fear jumps in at the thought of stepping out of your comfort zone and what this has to do with empowerment.

We will use the criticism scenario as the example. To a child criticism sounds like I don't love you and if you do that again I will reject you. That is very scary for a child who relies on being loved and accepted. The feelings associated with criticism is communicated with every cell in the body. A red flag to avoid this waves each time you attempt to step out of your comfort zone. The response it warning, go back do not proceed. To confirm the dangerous territory you are approaching the stomach might churn, the head might ache, you might feel drained and depleted, motivation drops, you might even get ill.

You have arrived at a pinnacle point and it is one you must push through. And when you do you have discovered what is to feel empowered. And every time you do this you strengthen your will and become more empowered. You might continue to feel the fear, but you will know that, rather than letting fear stop you, you can take it along with you. As you become more empowered you will find fear will fuel your determination to 'do it anyway' and at the same time the intensity of the fear will reduce.

That is all well and good to feel the fear and do it anyway. But how do you get past the invisible force that seems to hold you back no matter how much you feel the fear and try to move through it?

So you want to move mountains but seem to be running on the same treadmill and going nowhere. This further expands what was touched on earlier, the intriguing and somewhat elusive subconscious mind.

As mentioned what lurks within the subconscious mind either empowers or dis-empowers and unless light is shone on the dis-empowered aspects then whatever thoughts and emotions are associated will continue. Remember how wen a child is criticised it is like locking a part of themselves away. It is kept in a box labelled self-doubt, which is the opposite to empowerment. If the person thinks about stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something they could be criticised for the fear rears up in the form of self doubt and and the idea gets discarded.

Increasing confidence is the antidote to self-doubt. Exchanging self-doubt with confidence is imperative if you are going to become the empowered person you can be. And even if you think you can avoid facing your fears, life has a habit of continuing to present situations that challenge what is suppressed in you as that is what is preventing you stepping out and living the life you were born to live.

So how do you exchange self-doubt for confidence and become an empowered person that is able to achieve what we hope to achieve in life?

One effective and efficient method is tapping. Take a look at the video below. Before doing the exercise rate how you are feeling on a scale from 1 to 10. Following the tapping sequence and repeat what Brad says as you tap. After you have completed the exercise rate how you are feeling.

For more of Brad's Awesome work visit his website: https://tapwithbrad.mykajabi.com/

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