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What is Abundance?

Where Does Abundance Come From?

Abundance by definition means to have a great deal of something. Spiritually speaking it is to radiate soul qualities such as joy, love, kindness. It is to be have strength of mind, body and soul and by design this carries a high vibration that brings to you that which vibrates at the same or similar frequency. By tuning into feelings of abundance you cause your energy to vibrate at a higher frequency. Whether you are aware of vibration or not you have a rate at which you vibrate at. Have you ever noticed that the day you are not feeling your best is the same day you run into all the inconsiderate, unhappy people. And that when you are feeling great it happens that all the happy, friendly people are out.

This is a reflection of where your level of vibration is in that moment. Be aware of this, it is quite astounding to realise how from one moment to the next you can create what you experience. So how can the vibration of abundance create abundance. Without going to deeply into the law of attraction, I will say that this is how it works: what you put out you get back. If you project lack you will receive that back and if you project being in abundance you will receive exactly that.


One way of creating a vibration of abundance is through gratitude. Having gratitude creates a vibration to receive as you are appreciating all that you have and so you hold a vibration of being open to receive. And so one of the first things to do right now is to grab a piece of paper and write down what it is that you are grateful for. If you feeling challenged to think of anything, the fact that you are reading this means that you have awakened to a higher awareness and that is something to be grateful for.

Nature is definitely something to be grateful for. The way the sun arrives each morning to bring light is something that may be taken for granted, but the sun brings us life and that is something to be grateful for. With a little focus or re-focus there are plenty of things to have gratitude for. Start by looking around and finding 3 things you see that you can be grateful for. This is the first step of harnessing the vibration of Abundance.

Often what is blocking abundance are limiting beliefs. These beliefs keep you chained to the mouse wheel and keep you stuck in unsatisfying circumstances. But the fact you are reading this means that you are open to receive and that is the first step in the masterclass of ABUNDANCE!

Practising the art of appreciation and gratitude opens the channels to receive. Be mindful of where you are placing your focus. When it comes to the Law of Attraction there is no differentiation between positive and negative. We get what we focus on. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. Generating positivity in your life begins with your thoughts. Positive thoughts carry positive energy that will attract like energy. The same is true for negative thoughts. Focusing on what is not wanted sends energy to that very thing and calls it in.


Becoming aware of the energy your thoughts are generating is imperative. When negative thoughts are detected they can be exchanged for positive. The use of visual images is of great assistance as it keeps the mind positively focused. So what happens when your visual image is positive and you are thinking positive thoughts but not receiving the desired outcome?


Although aligning what you see, hear and feel with positivity will have a positive impact on your life there are deeper levels of consciousness that may be having a negative effect. These are the underlying beliefs, emotions and the inner-dialogue that opposes the positive intentions.

Underlying beliefs and emotions emit energy and if that energy is negative then negativity will be attracted. This invites the assessment of the beliefs and emotions.


Identifying the beliefs and emotions that underlie your good intentions can be done using tools such as reflection, journaling and meditation. These tools enhance conscious awareness. When consciously aware you are empowered to shift the energetic atmosphere by implementing the techniques needed to shift the thoughts, beliefs and emotions opposing you.

  • Start your day with gratitude; you have the gift of a new day ripe with opportunity.
  • Be thankful for the food you eat, taste it and feel it nourishing every cell in your body. If it doesn’t nourish you don’t eat it.
  • Appreciate the water you drink. Water cleanses and hydrates. Feeling drained? Try a fresh glass of water as a remedy. It is instantly gratifying.
  • Be thankful for your health and maintain it by using a natural, practical approach. If unwell utilise the time to rest and repair. Sickness is the body communicating that something is in need of attention. Attend and be healthy.
  • Appreciation of what you have right now, no matter how big or small, generates positive thought patterns. 
  • Be grateful to be on this Earth with the opportunity to experience life and all it has to offer. Expand feelings of appreciation of what you have into what you want. Attune your thoughts and feelings with positive vibration. Positivity maintains the flow.
  • Life is enriched by the fulfilment of wishes, hopes and dreams.

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